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things to know about Kurseong

What a blessing it would be if one has to travel through the mist on the craggy road surrounded with the great views of the eastern Himalayan ranges including the magnificent Kanchenjunga with the green lush pine forest covering the mountain slopes. It is just a dreamy trip towards Kurseong. Settled in the foothills of the eastern Himalayan range, it is a small town yet a sub-division of Darjeeling district. The vicinity consists of beautiful tea gardens, numerous plantations and seasonal vegetation around the mountain slopes. From here you can get the magnificent views of the Kabru and Jannu Mountain as well as the rambling rivers like Teesta and Mahananda meandering below the foothills.

Kurseong Height and Location

Kurseong is a municipal town under the Darjeeling district. Elevated at the height of 4,781 ft. above sea level, it is just 30 kilometers from Darjeeling town. It is the headquarter of Kurseong sub-division. Nevertheless, as being a town it is surrounded by myriad tea gardens like Makaibari, Ambootia, Castleton, Goomtee, etc.


The name Kurseong has derived from the regional Lepcha language which means 'The Land of White Orchids'. It refers to the availability of the white orchids which grows here in abundance. In the year of 1835 Kurseong was handed over to the British Government from the King of Sikkim. It was a small serene hamlet then. Later, Kurseong gain its popularity when the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways extended its Toy Train service to Kurseong in the year 1880 and became headquarter of the sub-division.

Kurseong is such a significant place in the term of historical essence. Many famous people have left their mark in Kurseong. Noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore has composed many of his poems in Kurseong. The great Indian monk Swami Vivekananda's disciple Sister Nivedita has spent some time in Kurseong. Moreover, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was also confined by the British along with Sarat Chandra Bose in his house here in Kurseong.

Exploring Kurseong

Kurseong has many things to offer. Exploring Kurseong won't get completed in a single day. Let's dig out the places to see in Kurseong.

Traveling in Toy Train

One of the best feelings you can get here is the joy ride in the Toy Train. This is the flagship of tourism here. The heritage is running from the centuries. Avail the toy train service and have a blissful journey towards Darjeeling from Kurseong. The memory of the surrounding views of the green lush Himalayan Pine forest range and the mesmeric snowy mountains will last forever.

Eagle's Craig

It is a wonderful viewpoint with a garden full of shrubberies as well as different plantations on the top of a hill. The narrow road from the side of the Kurseong station leads towards Eagle's Craig. At the end of the road there is the view-point which takes 25 minutes by walk to reach. This is the highest point of this mountain. There is a small concrete stair leads to the garden above. From the top you can witness the jaw-dropping view of the mountains on the other side.

Nearby, there is a large water reservoir in Eagle's Craig which supplies water to the entire town. The isolating state as well as the romancing ambiance of the place is an amusement for the youths.

Dow Hill

Kurseong consists of several mountains and Dow Hill is one of them. The dense forest covering the suburb where the locals affirm that there is a leopard but, there was no report about any harm to the human. Dow Hill is famous for its numerous offerings of the natural aura.

Dow Hill Forest Museum

An attraction for the nature lovers, this Forest Museum is a two-storied building on Dow Hill. The museum is basically a complete storage of the floras and faunas of the regional forestation. The museum has been renovated and rebuild after its descending structure. Besides, the museum there is also a forest training school. Therefore, you can stroll around the place and witness some of the rare floras of the Himalayan range.

Dow Hill Park

The Dow Hill Park is located on the top of the hill. Earlier, the name of the park was Deer Park as one could see a lot of deer here. But nowadays, due to deforestation, it is a rare scene. Presently, the rest area has been fenced and conserved. You can see deer wandering inside the fenced area. The authority has made some arbor where you can sit and enjoy the calm environment.

Dow Hill Reservoir

There is a large reservoir in downhill which stores the rainwater. It acts as a water source to many areas of Kurseong sub-division. The age-old Pine as well as coniferous trees surrounding the reservoir creates a wonderful milieu. Furthermore, there is also a picnic area here at an elevated level.

Giddapahar Viewpoint

One of the other hills in Kurseong is Giddapahar. This viewpoint is located a few kilometers from the town which takes about 15 minutes by car along Hill Cart Road towards Siliguri. The viewpoint can be reached by the stairway right from the roadside. After entering through the gate you need to climb a stair. The view of Kanchenjunga and the valleys are just marvelous. By looking below at the road you can see the path winding down alongside the toy train track. The viewpoint is open all the time.

Seti Mata Temple

The temple is quite popular among the locals. Seti Mata Temple is a sacred temple of goddess Durga. In addition, the idol here is an ancient carved stone. You can reach the temple from the stairways near the road of Giddapahar. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Museum

The museum is located in Giddapahar. It was actually a bungalow owned by Sarat Chandra Bose a writer and a freedom fighter in the year of 1922. Later, due to the freedom movement in the year 1933-1935, Sarat Chandra Bose along with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was home captive by the British. It has converted into a museum now where one can see the original furniture used by Subhas Chandra Bose and many articles and scripts which reflects the tale of the nation's leader.

Kurseong sightseeing

On the other hand, there are numerous places to visit within and around Kurseong such as Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum which depicts the history of DHR or Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, famous tea gardens like Makaibari Tea estate and Ambootia Tea Garden etc. and St. John's Church at St. Mary's Hill and many other places.

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Kurseong weather

Kurseong is a mesmeric high altitude abode on the lap of the Himalayan foothills. As a result, the climate of this region remains pleasant throughout the year. In summer, you can get a blissful weather with a charming breeze. The temperature lifts up to 22- degrees in high and 13- degrees in low. On the contrary, in winter Kurseong offers a cool aroma with a shivering wind blowing from the mountains. Temperature remains 16- degrees to low at 1- degree Celsius. Therefore, you can enjoy the place with an immense feeling of placidity.

Siliguri to Kurseong Distance

From Siliguri, this heavenly abode is just 35 kilometers by road. It takes about an hour to reach Kurseong. To illustrate, the journey is full of excitement as well as you can witness the beautiful forest on the side of the turf road. As you keep going further, the vistas of the surroundings will surprise you with a sheering fathom.

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