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things to know about Mirik

Darjeeling dwells with a lot of surprises. Hence, there are enormous scenic beauties in and around Darjeeling which attracts a number of tourists across the country. For this reason, this has become an amazing environment for any passionate traveler. Out of those marvelous suburbs, Mirik is one of a kind which allures tourists for its picturesque landscape.

Mirik Location

Mirik, the ravishing hamlet on the foothills of the Himalayas, situated between the halfway of Siliguri and Darjeeling town. The abode lies under the Kurseong division within Darjeeling district. Elevated at an altitude of 5000 ft. above sea level, it is a perfect place for a halt on the journey towards Darjeeling. The green lush forest with some amazing views of the surroundings has made Mirik a rich land with the natural peripherals.

Exploring Mirik

Mirik has a different charm than the other destinations in the region. Avail our Mirik tour package and get an enthralling experience into the nature. From the lush green tea gardens along with the verdant forest land to the beautiful lake surrounded by the mountains, Mirik has an essence of paradise.
A wonderful drive towards Mirik offers some of the fantastic scenic beauty of the tea gardens with the views of the mountain ranges. You can witness the tea gardens attached on the way. For example, there are gardens like Thurbo Tea Garden of the well-known Goodricke's tea as well as Gopaldhara tea estate.

Mirik Lake

Mirik Lake or also known as Sumendu Lake is the centre of attraction in Mirik. This natural lake is 1.25 kilometer long and is a beautiful place to hang around for a long hour. The lake varies from the density to 3 ft. to 25 ft. and remains full throughout the year where the rain and spring water is its main source of the Lake. To the right part of the lake, there is a forest with the tall Dhupi Trees which allures one to walk through the track inside the forest and enjoy the natural phenomenon.
At the end of the lake there is a bridge from where tourists can feed the fishes of the lake. The 80 ft. long bridge passes through the center of the lake and connects the western part with the eastern part where the green lush garden allows one to have a sit and enjoy the mesmeric views. Far ahead to the north; one can see the dazzling view of the mountain ranges with the view of the snow clad Kanchenjunga.

Roaming Mirik Lake

The path around the lake covers the entire area and is a great way to take a morning walk with the stunning views of the elements. The trail is not all paved where some parts are in the forest of the western part which is quite uneven and one needs to watch out for the paths.

The entry to the lake is a busy hub with some stalls selling local snacks. The place is good to take rest and have some tea with snacks.

Beside the lake, there is a fenced garden with a lot of flowers which seems so colorful and contrasted. Previously, the garden was an open field. As a result in the colonial period, the British used to play Polo on the ground.

Activities in Mirik



One of the most amazing activity on the lake is the paddle boating. Apart from the monsoon, you can get the boating facility for the rest of the year. You can see boats of different shapes floating on the lake. Moreover, the local vendors sell ethnic handicrafts and other regional kinds of stuff on those floating boats. It's a splendid scene indeed.



Apart from boating in Mirik lake, you can go for a short trek through the trails to the upper sections. The point offers a stunning view of the Kanchenjunga and its snowy peaks very clearly. Although, the trek is a little hard where the steep trails are quite concentrated to climb up but the views of the surroundings are just blissful. The trail trek from the eastern part leads to the Mirik bazaar. Witness the scenic beauty of the dense Cryptomeria forest or locally known as the Dhupi forest. Furthermore, the backdrop of the pine forest will amaze any nature enthusiast. Beneath, near the lake, the popular Horse riding activity is a bonus point for the tourists. The Jockeys comes to offer the ride with their assistance. Some of them have a short trip while the rest have a little long circuit.

Places to visit in Mirik

Bokar Monastery

Bokar Ngedon Chokor Ling Monastery is one of the divine places within Mirik. Located just 2.8 kilometers southeast from the main zone; Bokar Monastery is the highest point of Mirik at the height of 5,800 ft. From down the monastery can be seen at the top with an amazing view.

The monastery was built at the year of 1984 after the name of the Lama Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche. At an early stage the monastery was supposed to be a retreat but the demand for learning and spreading Buddhism was created as a monastery. Now the monastery has a monastic school named Bokar Vajradhara Memorial School just below the monastery.

In 1998 the stupa was erected at the premise which is located at the backside. From here you get a lovely view of Mirik Lake down below. In 1997 Dalai Lama visited Bokar Monastery for sanctification. His framed picture is placed inside the monastery. The monastery follows the most popular Karma Kagyu sect of Buddhism. Inside, the ambiance is serene and one would like to spend some time looking at the large golden-colored statue of Buddha and intricately painted murals on the walls.

Kawle Dara and Ramitey Viewpoint

Besides the monastery, there are two major viewpoints; Kawley Dara and Ramitey Dara. These are the two fabulous points from where you can get the astonishing view of the mighty Mt. Kanchendzonga. Moreover, apart from this, the panoramic view of the Mirik Lake, the forests and the entire zone is just unavoidable. This viewpoint is well-known for the stunning view of sunrise and sunset.

Mirik Devi Sthan

This is a must-visit place in Mirik. A short trek towards the western uphill would lead to the temple. It is located in the dense of the Pine forest. Hence, the temple holds a complex state. Inside the temple, there are idols of many gods and goddesses but mainly the worship is done to the goddess Bhagwati or Durga. In the premises, there are also other idols of the deities.

Tingling viewpoint

A little far from the main zone there is an amazing viewpoint named Tingling. The name derived after a tea garden in Darjeeling. From the viewpoint you can have a clear vision of the tea gardens on the mountain slopes in Darjeeling along with the valleys and the rivers.

You will have a marvelous trip by availing our Mirik tour package. Explore the serene suburb on the lap of Mother Nature.

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Mirik Temperature

Mirik offers blissful weather throughout the year. In summer, usually the temperature remains 15- degree to 21- degree and on the other hand in winter it comes down to 2- degree to 10- degree Celsius.

Siliguri to Mirik Distance

Mirik is just 45 kilometers from Siliguri. It takes around one and half hour to reach through a fantastic road covered with beautiful natural peripherals.

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