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What is Joy? If you ask anyone who has visited Darjeeling, you will get the answer in a simpler manner. The Toy Train! Who doesn't know about the heritage of the well-known toy train in Darjeeling? It has its own essence of magnetism. As a result, people from the entire world wish to visit Darjeeling just to get the joy ride into the lap of Mother Nature. The toy train has added an extra flavor to the destination itself. Moreover, for decades the joy ride has become a cult in the tourism of Darjeeling. As a matter of fact, for its historical significance, UNESCO has given the tag of world heritage to Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR).

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historyHistory of Darjeeling Toy Train

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways have gone through a lot of natural calamities. It has suffered a major earthquake as well as a cyclone. Still, the essence is virgin in state. The construction of DHR was consequently needed for the betterment of transportation.

The loop was mean to prevent the drastic fall of the toy train. Just after Ghoom station, there is a sharp descent. You won't even realize how the toy train actually descends by about 140ft as it completes Batasia loop through a large circular area and followed by a gentle slope and then crosses its own track near the beginning of the loop through a tunnel below. For this reason, it has become one of the greatest engineering inventions in history.

Toy Train

BuildThe Built

Not only has the view of picturesque landscapes of the province but the engineering of DHR crowned it as the world heritage. In the year of 1878, an agent of Eastern Bengal Railways named Franklin Prestage visited Darjeeling. Incidentally, he felt the urgency of the railway track in the region. Later, according to his request, the lieutenant governor of Bengal (Ashley Edens) granted the construction of the railway track in mutual agreement. The first stretch of the railway track was made in the year of 1880 from New Jalpaiguri to Kurseong. Afterward, the further track was built for 15 kilometers to Darjeeling linking Sonada along with it in the consequent year (1881).

The built of DHR was quite tough work. The steep gradient was creating hindrances to settle the railway track. But, between the years of 1879-1881 Gillanders, Arbuthnot and Company was hired to construct the line, and by March 1881 the track was taken far towards Tindharia. Earlier DHR was under private ownership. Later, the government of India has taken over in the year 1948. Subsequently, it was handed over to the North East Frontier Railways of India.

In 1994, UNESCO bestowed DHR as a world heritage site. Moreover, this is the second railways to achieve such glory.

Darjeeling Toy Train Route

The DHR toy train covers around 80 kilometers. Starting from the New Jalpaiguri railway station it goes to Darjeeling via Siliguri, Kurseong, and Ghoom. Ghoom is the highest railway station in the country. Located at an altitude of 7,400 ft. above sea level, this place offers you a pictorial view of the surroundings on your joy ride to the toy train. On the way, the toy train crosses five major bridges and an enormous number of minor bridges as well. In addition, the train stops at Batasia Loop for a while. The mesmeric peripherals of the eco-garden will leave you awe-struck. Batasia Loop is one of the most favored places in Darjeeling. The beautiful garden allures tourists for its stunning sight of the seaming mountain ranges as well as the enriched plantations. For instance, rhododendrons, silver fir, etc. along with the rare Ginkgo Biloba plants has filled the apex.

Furthermore, the war memorial in Batasia Loop is a divine place. It is a shrine made for the brave martyred soldiers of the Indian Army. On occasions, people gather here to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in war.

New Jalpaiguri railway station or NJP is the nearest station from Darjeeling from where you can avail the service of the toy train. NJP is located in Siliguri. It is 26 kilometers from Kurseong and 77 kilometers from Darjeeling.

How to Book a Ride of Darjeeling Toy Train

To book the joy ride of Darjeeling toy train, there are few options available for the tourists.


Booking from the Indian railways

You can get the ticket for the toy train ride from the Indian railway's site. Book the ticket from there and get the confirmation.


Tourism Department

The tourism department has facilitated by offering tickets for the toy train in Darjeeling. You can easily get the tickets from the site.


Darjeeling railway station

As you visit Darjeeling and wish to avail the joy ride you can get it from the Darjeeling railway station or just by calling to the available telephone number.


Tour operator

If you find it difficult to book the tickets from the above-mentioned points, rather you can choose to get the tickets from us. You can avail the toy train tickets according to your comfort-ability.

Toy Train Jungle Safari

Another dazzling activity includes in the joy ride is the jungle safari. This is quite rare and runs only a few days in a month seasonally. On this adventure, you will be witnessing the lush forest of the Himalayas on the mountain slope from a different route. This is a gem in hand ride for the travelers.

You can find several toy train services in Darjeeling. Feel the essence of serenity packed with verdant natural aroma on a 2 hours long journey covering 16 kilometers from Darjeeling towards Ghoom.

Previously, there were trains that used to run by the steam engine. Nowadays, the diesel engine trains have started to make the performance better and shorten the time.

DHR Museum

As you visit to Ghoom, have a look at the DHR museum. Inside the museum, you can witness the first toy train engine, 'The Baby Sivok'. In the year 2000, the DHR museum was established just opposite of the Ghoom station.

Some facts about Darjeeling Toy Train:

There are total 12 numbers of stations on the route covering a complete 88 kilometers from New Jalpaiguri railway station to Darjeeling. Besides the sharpest curve of about 69 ft. radius there are 18 steep gradients. There you can find 6 Z reverses along with 3 loops. To summarize, the entire journey in the Darjeeling toy train will give you a dreamy treat on the lap of mighty Himalayas.

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